11.17.19 – Hands-on Moroccan Feast with Judie Kesson!$65

Judie Kesson returns today for her second visit.  Her recent Balinese class was a huge hit with guests!  For her return visit, Judie would like to teach Moroccan Cuisine.  The menu  for today:

Make your own B’stilla, the Classic Moroccan Chicken Pie covered in Phyllo Dough!  Add Orange slices with Almonds and Rose Water and a Green Salad for a fabulous Do-Ahead Meal for one, two or a crowd! (Yes!  You can make a giant B’stilla and impress a crowd or cut it up for fancy hors d’ oeuvres.)  

A little bit about Judie,

Judie moved to Wilmington in January of 2019 after making Mexico her primary residence the past 30 years.  She considers “the world my neighborhood” and has enjoyed the luxury of traveling, cooking and eating in more than 140 countries, most recently Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Iran.  While most of that travel was done with her late husband, she continues to travel and just returned from Singapore and Bali.


Judie loves to cook and especially loves to entertain.  She enjoys serving new and unusual foods, but definitely wants to make sure she is part of the fun! So, make-ahead meals are her favorites. Judie has incorporated her love of travel and meeting people around the world by sharing her experiences through meals with friends.  She has been a Guest Chef at a couple of fine restaurants in Mexico, taught cooking classes in California and used preparing food in great team building events.


She has taken cooking classes in Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Romania and Suriname and has sat in on many a kitchen watching and learning from other cooks.  She worked internationally for many years as a Local Government Management Consultant in Romania, Jamaica, Suriname, Indonesia, Armenia and more.


“I would love to cook with other travelers, whether they be National Geographic armchair lovers of the world, or as lucky as I’ve been to see so much of our planet,”  Judie said when talking about TSG.  “Sharing food is sharing life.”




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Dinner with Demonstration.

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